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Special Products

Brain-key is one of the special services of Elixir for Thoughts. It is a scientifically proven test based on biological science and the latest computer technology that helps you unlock your full learning potential and hidden gifts.


Welcome To Brain Key

A Brain Key Report, also known as a Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence report, helps you to know everything about yourself. Brain Key can solve all your problems by exploring your innate and acquired abilities. It enables people to overcome the hurdles related to different phases in life, including issues related to learning capabilities, emotional imbalance, intellectual barriers, career, self-confidence, behavioral adaptability, and similar matters. Brain key works by integrating potential, people, and processes together. 

Proving itself as a boon to humanity, Brain Key helps individuals in empowering their minds. By exploring the inner intelligence, hidden talents, and self-worth of individuals, Brain Key assists their holistic transformation. Products and services such as Brain Key have only been possible because of the latest advancements in brain wellness education. And today, contributing to individuals’ futuristic education, learning experience, and personal empowerment, Brain key is actually leading people of all classes toward a happy life. 

If you’re wondering about the procedure involved in Brain Key. It is a simple 10 minutes procedure that scans your fingerprints to trace the potential of your Brain. And, to the top of it, Brain Key is effective for all age groups, from confused teens to struggling elders. It has the ability to transform people of all generations or nations. It aids individuals in achieving excellence in their lives by discovering their hidden potential and nurturing their intelligent minds.

Based on the science of Dermatoglyphics, the main branches of this technology are Genetic Predispositions, Paediatric Psychology, Embryology, and Neuroscience. The term dermatoglyphics was first coined by Dr. Harold Cummins in 1926, who later achieved worldwide recognition as the “Father of Dermatoglyphics.”Dr. Cummins’ findings and techniques are accepted as essential tools in genetics and diagnosing psychological disorders. Later in 1950, a Canadian Neurosurgeon, Prof. Penfield, published a paper indicating close relations between fingerprints and the cerebrum. 

Even medical experts, through observations and a series of clinical trials, have confirmed that fingerprints accurately analyze a person’s inborn capacities. This assessment system analyses the Brain’s learning capacities and allocation of cerebral functions in an individual to provide relevant statistical reports of the innate intelligence, thereby allowing the development of the individual in the realm of their dominant bits of intelligence.

Also, we at Elixir for Thoughts believe that each Brain has a remarkable capability. Each individual has the exceptional talent to change their life story. But sometimes, people aren’t able to make the right choices and waste their efforts in the wrong direction. Brain Key Test comes to the rescue in such circumstances. It helps you to discover your hidden potential and strong character. And, when you work in this field, investing all your strength, you can definitely achieve a better future.

Brain key can solve the struggle of a teenager struggling to choose a stream in his high school or a corporate banker not happy with his job. In our past portfolio, we have helped out people from every walk of life who wants to improve their current circumstances by informing them about their hidden potential and best possible choices.