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Wheel of Life

The wheel of life, also known as the coaching wheel, is a tool that helps you to understand the balance and proportions between the 12 essential elements in your life. It helps you set your goals and figure out the crucial aspects of your life. Simply put, the wheel of life aids you in reflecting on the entire view of life, exploring through some common domains.

Mental health professionals use this tool to analyze your mental and emotional balance. They understand the core of your mindset by asking you a few questions and concepts.


Calories In, Calories Out

The element of health is also known as the “Wheel of Fitness.” Health plays a crucial role in defining the scenario of your life. It is said that only a healthy person can contribute to society in a positive and growing manner. Unhealthy or sick individuals don’t affect their surroundings in an equitable way—the element of the health of the wheel helps in analyzing your productivity as a physically fit and healthy person.



Intellectuality is the potential of your brain. How do you respond in extreme situations? Your ability to make decisions. In simple words, your intellectual life can also be defined as balancing all other domains of your life. Your thought process and your balancing power represent your intellectual strength.

Springs of Emotions

The emotional flexibility of an individual has a lot to do with his overall stability. This dynamic element of the coaching wheel reflects your emotional satisfaction. How often do your brain and heart contradict each other? How deeply do you establish bonds and connections with other beings? Impact of others’ behavior on your brain and soul.



How beautifully you emerged as a protagonist in your life speaks a lot about your role in your own story. Your character is the leading element of your coaching wheel. How do you see yourself, how do you feel yourself, how do you heal yourself, and how do you evolve yourself?


Spirituality is the most significant power that rules your souls. Your faiths and beliefs define your success and mindset. The god you believe in and the prayer you offer hugely impact your everyday routine and evergreen stability. In simple words, spirituality can also be defined as your consciousness of your soul. How much do you believe and know about yourself?


Love Matters

It is said that love in life makes it more worthy and beautiful than ever. The element of your life is specially denoted to your partner or spouse. Counting the closest one in your life, the element helps you explore the most fragile side of your hearty emotions. Your attachment and affection towards your loved one.

Little Bud / Mango Tree

Parenting is your role as a guardian as well as a child. How do you water a new bud until they develop into a beautiful plant? And, how you take care of your old mango tree.  It is not always your role as a mother or father and your affection and contribution towards the younger ones in your surroundings. But also your responsibility and care towards your parents. Parenting is the measure of love, respect, care, and affection.


Your Circle

Family and friends are said to be the most crucial building block of an individual. The family element represents your emotional, social and mental connection with your relations. How good do you stand out in every role, for example, your contribution as a son/daughter, father/mother, friend, or husband/wife to your family?

Money Power

The finances or money wheel is basically added to the coaching wheel to analyze your financial position. Or, in simple words, your money matters. How satisfied are you with your current money flow? Is your income or salary sufficient enough to fulfill your desires? What are your further steps in future wealth growth?


Designed You

One of the important aspects of our life is a flourishing career. This element rates your career satisfaction. Are you leading your life in the right way? Are you satisfied with your position? What more effort can you put into attaining the success you dream of?

Joyful You

Also known as self-development, the element of personal growth helps you to analyze your efforts in building yourself. Are you spending the right time and effort to make yourself? What are the steps you’re taking to reach your personal goals? And, most importantly, if they are in the right direction or not. The contribution of an individual towards his personal goals helps in improving his quality of life.


Future Stars

The vision of life is an important element of the wheel of life. It helps you to understand your perspective towards your life. How do you see your life? And how you reflect positive enthalpy towards your life. The way you see your life contributes a lot in deciding your organization and approach towards life. The more optimistically you feel life, the more positive energy you radiate in the surroundings.

The wheel of life is a self-reflection of your life. You should evaluate it in the right way. While answering different elements of your life, you should be truthful and honest with yourself.